CASA Roofing works with developers, home builders, & homeowners to provide new construction services. Everyone knows roofs are only as good as the contractors that install them, so make sure you choose your contractor wisely. Most bad contractors will always come at you with some cheaper pricing hoping that’s all you will consider. We recommend you ask for references and check them out as one way to assure you’re dealing with a contractor that backs up their words.

We assure General owners and homeowners that we will ensure that the right products are used to complete the work correctly the first time to ensure the completion of high-quality projects and high-quality CASA personnel and installers.   CASA works with general contractors all the time, we assure the general and homeowner that we make sure we do the job right the first time with the right products to assure a quality completed project coupled with quality CASA staff and installers.

CASA looks at every projects as if it were their own home or office, this means we will carefully select the best products that can ensure longevity and energy efficiency. We can work with any materials our customers wish and can offer a wide range of manufactured product lines. We make sure the customer is well informed of each product they wish to consider and then help with making the right decision for their application. When deciding how to best protect your home or office, you must consider the metrics between cost, environment, longevity, warranty, and, of course, energy ratings. The roof is the top of a structure, which means everything else is built underneath, so the roof is the first line of defense.

Working with builders and developers we know that keeping schedules is priority for many reasons and we respect and carefully monitor all progress on our projects. We keep contractors and developers informed and up to date on the progress of each project.