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More steps on what to look for when selecting a contractor

We came up with a few more things very important when selecting a roofing contractor

Metal Roofing

  1. Get local referrals. There is more of a chance that you will avoid trouble and scam artist if you do this. Read testimonials from contractor’s websites and then ask for phone numbers of a few of those owners of testimonials that you have read. Also have a list of questions to ask ready when you make your calls.
  2. right after a storm outside contractors looking for work will flood areas, so it’s important to look them up on the BBB website and make sure they have a good score. If the contractor is not on the BBB list, then it’s best to stay away from them.
  3. Get an extensive warranty. Not all contractors can offer manufacturer warranties so make sure that the contractor is bonded and has enough liability insurance a one-million-dollar policy is normally enough coverage.
  4. Make sure you get it in writing that the contactor has his workers and sub-contractors covered by insurance in case of injury, also that the contractor agrees as a part of their project with you that they will use magnets to clean up any metals that may have fallen from the work area to a ten foot boundary around the house. Also making sure the contractor agrees to carry away all garbage.
  5. Pay your deductible. Never allow any contractor to handle any part of your insurance claim, no matter what they tell you.
  6. Don’t give in to pressure. Watch out for a contractor who pressures a customer into signing a contract without giving the customer time to go over all possibilities and paperwork without the contractor being in your face. A good contractor will answer all your questions and produce all relevant materials as well all assurances of licensing and warranties as well as copies of liability insurance coverage of all work and employees and or subcontractors that work under the contract you sign with the contractor.
  7. Know your material choices. A contractor should offer you many choices GAF, as a manufacture offers well over a hundred choices when it comes to shingles and other roofing materials. There are many types of shingles many are chosen by the rating of how long the shingles may last before needing replacement. Most are rated by years of longevity like 20, 35, 45 years. The warranties of the shingles also vary depending on the strength and rating. Colors are a huge factor for most homes owners when selecting a new roofing shingle type and manufacture. Timberline shingles have been a sought-after top line of shingle in the industry but there are many others with many colors to choose from. Of course, there is the all popular metal roof these days which also offers many different designs and colors and even in some cases we are seeing people installing both on the same home, which can be very useful.

In closing using basic common measures and doing careful research and finding a willing and capable and qualified roofing contractor is not that hard. We suggest that you follow up with all information you collect weigh it carefully and then make your decision, for further information or help with any roofing matter feel free to contact us at CASA ROOFING SAN ANTONIO & DFW