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How to find the right roofing contractor

Before hiring roofing contractor consider these recommendations

When working outdoors this spring Don’t Forget Your Roof, especially gutters

When selecting a Roofing Contractor first make sure they are members of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. Texas as a state doesn’t require roofers to have a license. This means “roofing contractor” can be a name anyone can call themselves. The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas is a professional organization that has a licensing certification and continued educational program for authentic contractors. The Contractors Association of Texas has a through educational program that teaches and test on the contractor’s knowledge of roofing and water proofing. This alone of course doesn’t assure a contractor will do a great job, but this is a great and necessary first step.
Secondly ask for a copy or proof of current insurance, this assures the customer that the contractor is bonded this too is a necessary step on the way of finding a reliable roofing contractor in your area which is a third step and we will get into that next paragraph

Locally based

In Texas we see our share of sever storms pass though our local area and as fast as the storms come and go the same can be said about the fly by night companies that claim their contractors with no proof of insurance or certifications. The lesson here is to seek out those contractors that are only based in your local areas. One way to assure your contract is local is check on the BBB ranking and first see if they are actual members of the local BBB. The fly by night contractors also will offer cut rates and quick turnaround service, of course they will they want to get your money and beat it out of town.

Product Assurance

One thing you want to be sure of when considering shingles types these are one of those things in life that you really get what you pay for. Regardless of the contractor make sure you get exactly what you need to protect your home as well your investment. Not only is the grade of shingles important so is the weight of tar paper how they plan on venting and flashing the roof. On cleanup of all work materials you want to make sure the last thing the contractor does is sweep the work area and surrounding area with magnet brooms for any staples, nails and any other shards of metal. In the case of a metal roof make sure the producer of the metal roof is from the United States, foreign metals can be inferior.

Payment Structure

Reputable roofing contractors have agreements in place that list exactly what the customer is to receive, exactly what products will be used right down to their clean up methods. The actual payment process normally ever exceeds 50% up front and the balance upon completion. But many reputable contractors will ask for a small deposit upon the signing of the agreement for the job then the contractor will request the 40-50% once all job materials arrive on the job site and of course the balance payed upon job completion. Of course, these arrangements can verify from contractor to contractor. Insurance, any experienced contractor will know how to work with insurance companies and work with your insurance adjuster and your deductible.

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